Job Opportunities

Hedstrom Plastics is a growing company looking to fill positions within the company. Manufacturing offers opportunities and experience that require a variety of skill sets. Take a look at our current employment opportunities and consider applying.

Manufacturing Positions – We have openings for Machine Operators, CNC operators, Finishing, Foaming and Assembly. The requirements to these jobs involve quality, safety, accuracy and attendance. Apply Here.

Technical Positions – These positions are the skilled trades of the operation. There are openings for Quality, Material Compounding, Process Control, Team Leads, Maintenance, Mold Repair and Trainers. The requirements to these jobs involve the understanding of processes, the ability to identify the issues, develop the plan and approach to solutions that make the operation more efficient. Apply Here.

Manufacturing Support – Manufacturing has many occupations to support the process from beginning to end and enable growth. Hedstrom is building a team of capable people to support that growth. Positions in Engineering, Product Development, Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, Materials Management, Scheduling, Cost Control, Human Resources and Accounting are important roles. Apply Here.